About us

    Silence Company is located in prosperous international metropolis - Hong Kong. Our company has always been advocating the design idea by the Mr. Lucas from Australia and the Mr. Mark from Hong Kong of original• fashion •culture, with the superb technology and the most sincere interpretation of natural, become the author of China's original ecological culture in hotel industry.     Silence to return to nature•advocating plain for the purpose, set health, leisure, vacation, tourism business as a whole. It has become a lifestyle for ...More

  • Membrane Structure
    Cable membrane structure is an architecture form which is the most rep...
  • Thatched Tent Cottages
    The design of thatched tent cottage makes young people today feel the perfect fusion

  • Special Hotel Tent
    Special Hotel Ten...
  • Wooden House
    Wooden house, with a traditional architectural style, natural and simple, brings you